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The Reborn Timber Story

Established by David Andrewartha in 1997, Reborn Timber became known as one of the lead independent suppliers of high grade recycled timber in Sydney and Wollongong over two decades. David's family have taken over their fathers recycled timber brand Reborn Timber in the wake of his passing away in 2017.

David, now recycled himself, was a dedicated environmentalist fighting many battles against councils, the big four banks and devious corporate entities that for decades had ravished the environment. With toxic gas bubbling up in the Douglas Park regions rivers including the creek behind Davids property, he was a proactive thorn in the sides of the greedy and he kept the faceless accountable for their actions.

David, lived true to his care for the environment and built his Reborn Timber brand and business across NSW servicing thousands of very satisfied customers. From home-owner builders to contractors, architects, engineers and furniture makers, David sourced all his timber from demolition sites across the state and much of this timber is still available now and is currently on consignment through the family.

David did try many times but he could not master walking on water nor could he part the Red Sea, but he did supply quality reborn timber to all walks of life.

Even in his after-life Dave is still serving up a good length. So if it's a good length of timber your looking for on your next project, contact Raychelle Andrewartha at Reborn Timber.

Reborn Timber supplies Recycled Hardwood and Softwood Timber
Kauri, Remu, Baltic Pine, King Billy Pine, Tallowwood, Jarrah, Huon Pine
Flooring, Beams, Slabs and Furniture Grade Timber
Forrests of NZ Remu and NZ Kauri down to 1% and 3% of virgin forests left
Buying Recycled timber for your Project
Leaves Eco friendly footsteps
while admiring quality timber in your home
And many of our Australian Timbers also struggling

Reborn Timber Quality Control

Structural Quality - On another upside, our stock is sourced from old structures, bridges and wharfs built in the late 1800s and the early 1900s guaranteeing each floor board, beam or post is truly seasoned. This means the timber we supply for your home or project has a major structural upside. Newly felled 'Green Timber', plantation or old growth forest, can bend or warp due to water content and differing humidity if not seasoned properly. In time a good percentage can shrink leaving gaps between boards and squeaks under foot due to warping.

The Care Factor - Once resourced, Reborn Timber is carefully stripped out of old buildings with priority to minimize damage. Manually de-nailed and graded timber is very important to your finished product therefore should be a high priority when searching and selecting for your project.

Species - Reborn Timber supplies a large variety of hardwood and pine timber flooring, beams and posts to tradesmen, home renovators and furniture makers. Kauri Pine, Remu Pine, Ironwood, Red Iron Bark, Cypress, Tallowood, Oregon, Huon Pine, King Billy Pine, Baltic Pine, Jarrah and more. Take a look at the species page for more information on each timber.

Finished Product - Underneath the weathered texture of these old Timbers lies a hidden beauty filled with character and strength. Polished or oiled, recycled timber finishes up beautifully adding eye candy value to your project.

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